We can Reconfigure our Forms as an Exact Match to Your Underwriting Templates and Instructions

The below-noted form templates are included in one continuous view, for display purposes to explain the format and versatility of the form data. The ACCU is a WPF database application, not an Excel-based application. However, the below-noted forms were rendered in Microsoft Excel due to their convenience in being displayed in this format online for the website.

It should be noted, that the actual forms are of higher quality resolution than that which is displayed below. The actual forms also appear larger in the application with an actual width of

The form templates below can be customized as an exact match to your underwriting templates and instructions. As part of the customization, we can make the following changes to the forms: change the name of the forms and the order of appearance of the forms in the form list. We can also make the following changes to the cells: change the names of cells and cell formulas, add cells, delete cells and change the location and format of the cells. We can also create customized forms or specialized lending forms as needed for additional analyses.

The actual forms are organized within each Loan Approval from left to right in separate tabs in a “Clothes on a line” format; giving you a side by side view of the Loan Approval to easily navigate between form sections. You can select a form into each form tab to organize the layout of your Loan Approval. You can rearrange the order of the form tabs to suit your Loan Approval. Dollar Amount cells include an in-built PEMDAS calculation feature. You can add new data entries with the use of our dynamic cell creation for non-routine data.